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online annotation work on dental scans

sellingpoint money
€10 / hour

A nice part-time job to make yourself some extra money.

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No stress

No weird working hours, just work online whenever you want!

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Relevant experience

Become an expert in analysing dental x-ray scans.

All you need is a computer and your dental knowledge



Know other people that fit the bill and might want to sign up?

Earn up to €50 per referral!

Your work as annotator

At Promaton we develop magic algorithms that allow us to automatically detect structures such as teeth, jaws, caries in dental scans.

As an annotator, you classify pixels on dental scans by painting in the different structures in order to train our models

sellingpoint money
1. Pick an available assignment

There wil always be assigments for you to pick up. Some take a few minutes others some hours, just pick what you want.

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2. Annotate the assignment

Left-click to paint, right-click to erase, easy as that. Read our wiki, learn some short cuts to become faster, level up to become a reviewer.

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3. Submit for review

Leave some notes for the reviewer about your work. Also, don’t be afraid to reject blurry scans!

sellingpoint money
4. Get notified about the approval

We’ll send you an email after your work is reviewed. Feel free to pick up a new assignment in the meanwhile! Ka-ching!


Hour registration & payout

Promaton pays annotators €10 for each hour registered in our hour tracking system.
Promaton currently pays out everyone two weeks, directly to your bank account

Referral rewards

Staged reward system

We offer nice rewards for each referral that also actively annotates scans:

Whenever he or she annotates 1 scan:
- €25 rewarded to you!

Another 3 scans within 1 month:
- an extra €25 rewarded to you!

Sign up as many friends as you like! We do expect them to have some dental knowledge.

Still have any questions?

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